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This is a collection of real stories and letters sent to Dr. Kim H. Won, the inventor of BIO-Q, by people who had benefited in very profound ways by drinking BIO-Q Alkaline Reduced Water of Life. We reproduced below Dr. Kim's own personal memoir.


1. Former Cancer Patient Veronica Johnson's Testimony (15 March 2010)

"I would be happy to be mentioned as a happy customer. I am a former cancer patient, and I have heart problems. I had to run to the bathroom before I used Bio-Q. And I was surprised to discover that although I was drinking much more water with the Bio-Q the bladder problem stopped. My body was using the water at last. I had more energy, and I felt better. The rest of my family enjoyed the great tasting water also. I am on a fixed income, so I thank you for putting the Bio-Q at a price I can pay . No expensive machine!!"

Veronica Johnson, who ordered her 2nd Bio-Q in Mar 2010

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2. On-yoo’s story

Around the time the book was getting finished, a letter came from On-yoo’s mother who lives in Il-won City of Gangnam District. She also included a detailed diary recording the changes On-yoo experienced while drinking water until then. As I was reading the letter, my eyes actually began to get teary, because I realized the water I produced could help patients with such dire needs.

A miraculous change had occurred for On-yoo, who used to need such a large dose of hormone administration. She had no problems with no medicine for even several days at a time. My daughter, Crystal, still takes her medicine once every day, so my wife and I are actually envious of On-yoo.

I wondered why On-yoo had such superior results. In the end, I realized it is because Crystal did not drink as much water as On-yoo did. On-yoo took the water I made for her anywhere she went. On the other hand, my daughter, Crystal, did not drink even one cup of my water at school. This is the case even when she is out all day.

To make the matter even worse, Crystal even secretly kept from drinking the water for a whole week because she found it tiresome to dilute my water solution, unbeknownst to her mother. She was always so cheerful, but I pressed her to tell me after hearing she all of a sudden began to tear up after hearing a sad song. What I found out was she began to have depression symptoms from not drinking the water I
made for her.

I had a conversation with Crystal after receiving On-yoo’s letter. She told me sometimes she would feel intense thirst outside, and tell herself to administer the medicine at home. Then she would drink a glass of my water and the thirst would be quenched, many times even forgetting all about taking the medicine. My daughter promised me she would faithfully drink Dad’s water.

One day a true miracle occurred. A couple of days before the first edition was published for my book, Crystal sent me a text message to school saying, “Dad, I think I can quit my medicine! I haven’t taken it for four days. Your daughter.”

The cycle of hormone administration gradually increased as Crystal began to devotedly drink the water, and she was telling me there was no thirst at all even after four days of no medicine. The time period increased even more after that, and now she sometimes skips the medicine for weeks just on Dad’s hormonal water. I never dared to hope for something like this to happen. Now I am rather thankful to On-yoo.

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3. Wife’s menopausal disability conquered with Bio-Q water

Here is a letter sent by President Hee-chul Jhun of People’s Coalition for Those Who Love Families of Cancer Patients (People’s Coalition for Cancer

Female hormones have many cancer-inducing side effects, so menopausal women are reluctant to take them despite the suffering they are in. In contrast, my hormonal water has no side effects.

One day Ji-suk’s mother called me frantically (her son had received a surgery to remove a tumor in his pituitary gland like my daughter, and I was supplying him with my hormonal water.) Ji-suk’s younger sibling had taken a month-worth of the undiluted hormonal solution from the refrigerator, thinking it was regular water.

I assured her there was nothing to worry about. Ji-suk’s mother said she was worried there would be side effects for her other child. For normal medicine, a very serious problem would occur if dosage for one month was taken at once, but it is fine with hormonal water.

My hormonal water functions has a hormone for patients who need it, but for people with no such need it is just regular water. In this manner, hormonal water is so safe with no side effects, so it can be applied to various situations.

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4. From an extraterrestrial to an earthling

This is a letter Mr. Sang-tae Lee sent after hearing I was writing a book on water. He included before-and-after pictures of himself and let me know he did not mind them being in the book. I decided there was no need to go that far for his sake.

I thought the antioxidant effect was the biggest cause for ARW’s many apparent powers. Following this reasoning I did not think there would be many fundamental differences between drinking green tea and ARW.

Then I received a letter from a woman (a long-time sufferer of atopicdermatitis) who had accepted the hardened skin around her neck and back as her destiny, despite drinking green tea regularly.

She said her skin began to soften in ten days after drinking my ARW, and it was as tender as a normal person’s after one month. She, to that day, could not believe this change had happened just from drinking water. This can be said to show the ARW’s antioxidant powers are superior to that of green tea.

Apart from these cases, my ARW also showed tremendous effects for allergic splenitis. Mr. Jong-gang Lee was troubled by this condition throughout his life. Not only did his nose get plugged up, but he had to put gauze under his nose at night because so much discharge came out in his sleep. He heard onions were effective and tried sticking a small piece up his nose at night, but there wasn’t much improvement.

I’m told his son, who had seen this since he was little, thinks onions are dirty and never eats them. He had been preparing himself for the attack because it was always worse in the fall, but the runny nose dried up let alone get worse. That is when he remembered beginning to drink my ARW fifteen days earlier. The nose was unplugged as well as the severe asthmatic condition (making him cough continually beyond tens of times at once) disappearing, so he can enjoy deep sleep now. Mr. Jonggang Lee says he wonders if this is reality or a dream because it is so amazing to experience what happened just by drinking water. I could not help but be astonished at the power of water, either.

We can describe atopic-dermatitis, allergic splenitis, and asthma all as incurable malfunctions of the immune system difficult for modern medicine to resolve. Mr. Sang-tae Lee and Mr. Jong-gang Lee can both be considered living witnesses to the fact my ARW harmonizes the body’s immune system as well as eliminating active oxygen.

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5. Water is more effective than insulin

Many people have contacted me from all over Korea to show their appreciation after drinking my water. One of them is Mr. Il-han Yoon, a construction worker from Pusan, and his blood sugar level reaches beyond 400 because of diabetes. He has to expend much energy for work, so it was very worrisome because he always became tired easily and felt fatigue.

Mrs. Yoon asked around and communicated with me or help, after she heard a radio program I was on. When she used the Biorals I sent to make ARW for her husband to drink, I am told the blood sugar level dropped 150 in just one week. He does not feel as much exhaustion as before, so he is able to work as of old.

When Mr. Yoon used to depend completely on medicines, he actually had a hard time with symptoms of low blood sugar in the afternoons. This is why he had to always carry around candies and take six to seven every day, whenever the symptoms showed. However, the couple told me the candies were not necessary at all sine he began drinking the water.

Out of those who have contacted me, there are some whose blood sugar levels decrease in one week, but most first get a feeling of their bodies getting healthier. For example, patients sometimes let me know their ever-dropping weight suddenly increased or their fatigue disappeared. In the extreme cases, people did not get intoxicated or suffered from hangovers after drinking this water, so they ended up drinking twice as much as they did before.

Such bodily changes generally precede the gradual decrease in blood sugar levels. I believe we can look at this as my water going beyond merely improving symptoms of diabetes (like general medicines), onto curing the disease and dropping the blood sugar level as a result.

Next are the contents of the clinical studies on ARW regarding diabetes, introduced by MBC TV’s program I took part in, “The Truth about Water of Life”.

The clinical study took progress with the cooperation of Hanseo University’s research institute for natural medicine, on fifteen volunteers in critical diabetic condition and using insulin shots. Depending on the patient’s will, we separated the fifteen participants into two groups; one stopped insulin shots altogether to only drink ARW and the other continue to get insulin administrations with hospital treatments.

At Kyowa Hospital in Japan, where diabetes is treated utilizing electrolyzed alkaline water, treatments such as insulin shots are not completely stopped. In contrast, this experiment entirely discontinued hospital care. We did not have too much time because of the shooting schedule, so we had the first group (ARW-drinking) drink no less than five liters every day.

The patients who were half in doubt at first were amazed as the blood sugar levels changed and they felt healthier. They began to drink the ARW more zealously.

The results were compared after thirty-six days. There was an overall decrease in the blood sugar levels of patients who drank ARW. Young-hee Lee (56), who suffered from diabetes for nine years, experienced a drop in the blood sugar level from 324 to 210. Gang-yeon Lee (53), with a fourteen-year battle with the disease, went from 250 to 204; Bok-soon Hwang (69), after a medical history of seventeen years, from 254 to 144; and Sung-jun Lee (60), coming from a twenty-year diabetic background, went from the amazing number of 400 to 168.

The blood sugar level which could not be controlled even with insulin shots had changed by water. Furthermore, there was a marked stability in this level (used to showing a wide range of change between before and after meals when getting insulin shots). There also were much less cases of fatigue and the patients’ overall condition improved as well. On the other hand, the blood sugar levels of patients ho continued with the insulin shots did not show much of a difference from a month before. There
still were large differences in range of changes.

These findings signify ARW can relieve painful symptoms as insulin shots can, and further prevent complications along with fully treating diabetes.

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6. Marvelous experience

This letter is about President Jung-hoon Suk’s experience of personally witnessing water’s power and trying to supply it to other people.

President Suk, who was suffering from many complex symptoms, first experienced an improvement in the most severe areas; other complaints gradually appeared then went away with some healing crisis. This is similar to homeopathic treatments that first treat the most acute symptoms to handle ones appearing afterwards. It seems to me this water strengthens natural healing powers like homeopathy.

One book is not enough to tell all the stories of people who regained their health by drinking various functional waters containing such healing information.


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